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VELOFORTE: fuel better 🍎

Moloko Discount Code: MOLO-VF-1611-ND

Veloforte wants to inspire people to fuel better, and they're nailing it! Here is why.

1. Products that taste like actual food.

Here at Moloko, we want nutrition that tastes delicious. Eating has to feel good and the Veloforte products are so tasty that it's hard to resist them even when you're not riding!

In fact, most of them have won the Great Taste awards.

Photo credit: Alice Alphrey

2. Healthy and natural

There is no hidden secret why they win these taste awards: it's simply because all Veloforte products are 100% natural and made with high-quality ingredients.

At Moloko, we love this because we think that real food works best.
cyclist eating veloforte chews in the forest

Photo credit: Alice Alphrey

3. Sustainability

Of course, using natural ingredients is already a positive contribution to our planet. When it comes to packaging Veloforte is on a journey to make all of their packaging recyclable, but for now, they recycle for you. You can send your wrappers in the post for free thanks to the Zero-Waste-Box programme.

cyclist along a river in the Lake District

Moloko's Favorite:

Alex: "I swear by the chews (Mela & Amaro at the top of the list - they just melt in the mouth) and my two favourite bars are Avanti & Ciocco - they taste delicious!"

I mean, who doesn't like guilt-free chocolate?

Another iconic product for me is the Nova protein shake. I find it hard after a long ride to keep eating, so Nova is just easy and tasty. I mix it with oat milk and sometimes I even add fresh banana in the blender for an extra smooth texture.

Photo credit: Alice Alphrey

Paul is a big fan of the Di Bosco bar as the red-berries make it super soft and sweet. He also loves the coolness of the Citro (citrus & ginger) chews and would never say no to a Doppio coffee gel.

Make sure you stock up on VeloForte for your spring cycling adventures, use the discount code below to get your cycling fuel at a brilliant price. It's our little gift to you ;-)

Moloko Discount Code: MOLO-VF-1611-ND

Photo credit: Alice Alphrey


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