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"There's always an abundance of friendly faces...

These guys plan some amazing routes and have achieved a real sense of community with the people who join their rides. There’s always an abundance of friendly faces and they’ll always make you feel welcome and included." 

Sian Pratley

"Moloko cycling family instantly treats you as one of their own!

They are always willing to help, they are welcoming, they are friendly and most importantly very knowledgeable when it comes to cycling! Their rides are always fun too!"

"The Moloko group rides are absolutely fantastic!

They are well organised, very friendly and the routes are always beautiful. Would highly recommend people try one of their rides, and the cookies Alex makes are also delicious :D"

Jasmine Baird

"What a business!

So helpful and so tailored in their support. I felt very looked after and the bike I'm renting is phenomenal quality. Just great."

Ele Gower

"Amazing hosts,

they plan some lovely routes around the globe and it is fun to ride with them. You meet some amazing people during these organised rides by Moloko and eventually end up making some good friends. Looking forward to more rides with Moloko"

Saswat Sahu

"Moloko is amazing for all your cycling needs.

You don’t have to be an experienced rider to join as they cater to all levels and split groups accordingly. Moloko has an amazing ethos run by amazing people who care about inclusion and elevation within cycling community"

Dr Brandy Oia

"Love the gravel ride experience,

I hired a gravel bike from them. Moloko guided me through every single step and tiny details while setting up the hired bike, in order to make it as comfortable as possible. I had a blast! 100% recommend"

Jason Tse

"Fantastic experience,

both renting a bike and joining a group ride organised by Moloko. Alex and Paul are super friendly, the bike I rented was great, the route was beautiful and everyone in the group was super nice. I will 100% recommend them and will be joining one of their rides again."

Elena Caro

"Bringing together a tribe of like-minded individuals...

.., bike lovers and coffee worshippers, in a friendly environment and capturing moments with educated eyes for photography, what more could one ask! Thanks and looking fwd to more adventures!!"

"I felt included and part of a community...

I recently attended my first gravel ride organised by Moloko...everyone was so welcoming and within minutes I felt included and part of a community...I will definitely be booking more rides with Moloko in the future and am so grateful that I found them!"

Tayyab Dilmohamud

"I met Moloko and I got involved in this amazing community....

They provide an accessible and inclusive approach to cycling, where the common denominator seems to be the fantastic attitude and kindness of everyone I met. You can be involved as little or as much as you want, you will always find help and a smile."

Federico Ciampella

"I’d highly recommend them for their services and group rides.

They’re super friendly and really do care about helping you with whatever your goals are, from getting into riding as a novice to experiencing Gravel riding for the first time, or even education around equipment, sportives and bike setup."

Mark O'Donoghue

"I've become a cyclist commuter through Moloko and can't ever see myself going back on the train!

They offer an incredible service. They find the plan and bike that best suits your needs and are always on hand with advice and suggestions. Top quality service all round.

Paddy O

"The people I have met through Moloko are so nice and it creates such a great, organic culture, especially for people who don't know many other cyclists."

Mark O'Donoghue

Family, milk, crazy guys & 90s dance music.

Moloko means a lot of things to a lot of people but it always comes back to community

We support each other to spread the joy of cycling. 

let's roll!

"The people I have met through Moloko are so nice and it creates such a great, organic culture, especially for people who don't know many other cyclists."

Mark O'Donoghue

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