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Moloko goes Wild - Season 1 Ep.2

55 km | 34 mi from Moloko HQ (SW14) feat. Richmond Park, Oxshott Heath & Esher common.

For this second edition of Moloko goes Wild, we decided to start once more from Moloko HQ and head all the way down to all the little commons around Esher. This ride is still relatively flat but it includes some more technical sections.

Rating > Medium

Terrain > Flat trails with some technical sections

Elevation Gain > 320m | 1,049ft

Gravel cyclists in Esher common in Surrey

The day of this ride happened to be right in the middle of a cold front which had just hit the UK (little did we know it would be snowing two days later...!), so with the forecast announcing freezing temperatures we've opted for one medium route for all the riders.

We provided everyone with a hot drink and homemade cake at the start before rolling out in small groups.

Photo credit: Luke Michael James

There is something very special about cold winter days. They can be challenging but when it's sunny and you're wearing the right gear it's pure enjoyment to be outside on the bike.

Luckily, that morning the sun was shining and the frozen paths looked magical.

Having crossed Richmond Park, we followed the river towards Hampton Court and arrived at Littleworth Common: a lovely single-track gravel trail crossing through the wood.

Photo credit: Luke Michael James

Then came Prince's covert, a nice straight track where you can build up some speed before arriving at my favourite part of this ride: Oxshott Heath.

Offering stunning views, its famous pit can be quite fun to play in if sand is your thing. If you are not rushed for time, we recommend that you explore the labyrinth-style trails for a full experience of this unique and beautiful place.

Oxshott Heath frozen in the winter

The last commons we explore are Esher and West End, which are connected together. Oh what a fun playground they make: some cheeky hills, a tiny bit of sand and edgy viewpoints. Once more, do not hesitate to deviate from the route to explore.

It was then time to ride back to London with a cut through Bushy Park and the second half of the Richmond lap we'd started. When we arrived back at HQ, we were greeted with fresh beers courtesy of Angry Pablo and homemade pies and soup for sale: the best way to warm up.

Special shout out to Wild Cycle for making Moloko HQ so welcoming with their lovely set up! Check them out & join us on some of their multiday adventures!

riders enjoying warm food at Moloko HQ after their gravel ride

Photo credit: Wild Cycles

Enjoy the ride & see you on the next edition of Moloko goes Wild🌾 !

Download the gpx file here:

Moloko Goes Wild 2
Download GPX • 201KB

Getting there:

By train: Barnes Bridge Station


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All routes are illustrative only and users take full responsibility for their own safety when following any routes suggested on the Moloko Cycling website or app.

Only follow route if safe and legal, local traffic laws always take priority.

Take care to ride safely and respect other road users.


We also made a video of this ride, feel free to add it to the article or watch it here 👍

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