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The Art of Layering: What to wear when it's below 4 degrees 🧅

There is something magical about winter riding on a freezing sunny day or when it's snowed.

However, keeping warm when cycling is key.

We've tried a wide range of kit from different brands over the years, and in the past year have been working with Universal Colours. We thought that the current weather conditions would be the perfect opportunity to review our favourite pieces.

Little bonus: we can offer you 15% off your order with the code: UC-MOLOKO-15

female cyclist in the winter on gravel bike
Photo credit: Luke Michael James

1. Be an onion

Here is our magic combo for freezing days:

1. Sleeveless base layer: An extra layer on the chest will keep you really snug!

2. Polartec thermal base layer: Our absolute favourite UC piece (it's also great for skiing and hiking).

3. Spectrum insulated long sleeve jersey: Slightly warmer than the Mono version, this jersey will keep you super toasty.

4. Chroma insulated gilet: Another iconic piece of clothing that's perfectly cut and makes it easy to regulate your temperature thanks to the double zip system. This is a unisex fit, so size down accordingly.

2. Be prepared

We always make sure to pack these two key items: Chroma rain jacket & the insulated packable jacket. UC aren't lying about the packable! Often we will start the ride fully kitted out and remove layers as we warm up. We store these items in a storage bottle (for the rain jacket) and in our handlebar bag (for the puffer).

They come in handy again at a coffee stop or when you have to wait for someone to change a flat.

3. Accessories are (almost) everything

Here we're talking headbands, neck-warmers, gloves, socks and overshoes.

The UC surplus neck warmer is great, however, we don't recommend the Mono one as it's very loose and not quite warm enough.

When it comes to gloves we double up - we actually use the Maap base gloves underneath the UC Mono Thermal Gloves and it works a treat!

Last but not least: feet. The key to a happy cyclist is warm toes. We wear two pairs of socks and use cling film in between them both. The trick though is not to tighten your shoes too much: you need to good blood flow to keep the toes warm.

We really like the Mono merino socks and the Spectrum Tie and Die.

Regarding overshoes, unfortunately, we haven't found anything convincing yet. If you have any recommendations we would love to hear them!

Happy Riding!

winter gravel cycling in Richmond Park London



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