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Here's why Komoot is the Best Tool Ever for Cyclists

We believe that Komoot is truly the ultimate tool when it comes to organising adventures. This is our go-to app for all of our Moloko route planning: it has made creating new rides super easy, more engaging, fun, and full of surprises. We have summed up some of our favourite features that make Komoot a must-have!

Komoot cycling route planner

Exciting New Route Suggestions Feature:

This feature has been recently added and makes Komoot an absolute winner in our eyes. All you need to do is choose a location or point of interest and Komoot will suggest rides for you that either start at or include your chosen point!

You can: filter what type of cycling/sport you want, the distance & elevation you're looking for... and Komoot will give you multiple route options! You can even ask Komoot to plan rides based on the highlights you want to explore.

Finding a new route has NEVER been easier!

Mapping Magic that Unveils Cycling Secrets:

Navigating Komoot's interface is super easy, even for those new to route planning. With just a few clicks, you can easily create a route tailored to what you want. The drag-and-drop function allows you to fine-tune your path, ensuring it aligns perfectly with the distance, elevation, or specific points of interest you want to include. We love that Komoot shows pictures of other riders' highlights so that you can find hidden secrets that only locals usually know!

Komoot cycling route planner with cyclists highlights

Easy to Use Mobile App:

If you do not have a cycling GPS then this is the app for you. Not only can you easily plan a route on your phone but it will also navigate you and log your ride to all your other fitness apps. The app will do turn-by-turn navigation (you can even have voice alerts if you fancy it) and will reroute you if you take a wrong turn. No more getting lost!

We think it is so great that Komoot offers this functionality on the app as it makes cycling so accessible for all.

Syncs with GPS unit:

If you use a cycling computer, Komoot syncs your planned routes, progress, and navigation instructions flawlessly to your Garmin or Wahoo. No more juggling between apps or devices while trying to take photos, you can focus on the ride and let Komoot handle the rest.

A Route Whisperer:

Komoot takes into account road conditions, surface types, traffic volumes, and gradient profiles to make the perfect route for you. Picture this: smooth, winding roads through cute towns for a Sunday ride or challenging gravel paths that take you on the adventure you've been asking for... Komoot will make sure that you know exactly the type of surface you are planning to ride on so that you can be prepared.

Multi-Day Itineraries:

It makes planning your adventure easy, allowing you to effortlessly organise and save your itineraries. It even has recommendations for places to stay overnight when doing a multi-day cycle: how good is that?

Komoot cycling multi-day route planner

Rough Stuff Of The North — Second City Divide by Katherine Moore.

Finally, Komoot is not just about the app—it's about the community. Everyone works together to share their favourite routes and highlights so that everyone can enjoy riding in beautiful places.

Follow us on Komoot to access all our routes & let us know if you ride them!

Photo credit: Luke Michael James

Happy cycling!


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