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Our favourite summer cycling kit

As the days finally begin to get longer and milder it's time to say goodbye to our layers of winter clothing and embrace the lighter, more breathable fits that accompany sunny rides.

We are excited about wearing our bib shorts and short-sleeve jerseys again. One of our favourite cycling brands Universal Colours gifted us items from their Chroma collection to put to the test on our recent trips in the sunshine. Here is a roundup of our favourite pieces and why we love the brand.

road cyclist in Portugal

The Fabric

Universal Colours harnesses the core functionality of materials alongside pioneering production technology. They utilise woven fabrics and the Chroma collection offers high levels of performance and durability. 

Summer cycling demands clothing that offers excellent breathability and ventilation to keep you cool and comfortable on hot days. We love the cropped fit of the jerseys and how light they feel. The quick drying is also a big plus: it makes it the perfect choice for long summer days in the saddle.

Improved bib shorts padding

The bib short features a wider, longer and thicker pad, that we find very comfortable for all-day riding.

They also offer a ‘Nature Calls’ pee-break-friendly design. This allows you to take a ‘nature break’ without having to strip down by simply pulling the bibs down from the waist. A real game-changer!

Gender-neutral colour palette

Finally, we're big fans of Universal Colours's inclusive approach towards gender. They offer the same colour options for everyone and their seasonal launches are created to complement the colours from their previous collection, making it effortless to mix and match outfits from previous years.

This not only simplifies the process of refreshing your cycling wardrobe each season but also eliminates the need to purchase a completely new set of clothing (now that's a sustainable approach!).

universal colours exclusive discount

We’ve teamed up with Universal Colours to offer our community 25% off online and 30% off when you join our Chroma Launch Ride on the 28th of April. See you there!


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