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Winter Escape to Tenerife

We've just landed back from our first Moloko Escape in Tenerife, and it was epic! A week full of volcano rides, jungle adventures, quaint colourful towns and fresh local cuisine.

We're so keen to do it again - you can join us for the next one in February 2025.

road cyclist in Anaga National Park in Tenerife

Day 1: Travelling to Tenerife

It's funny how a 4am can be exciting when it's for a cycling holiday in the sunshine! We tend to love an early flight because it gives you some time to get everything ready & to explore when arriving to destination.

We land in Tenerife at 1 pm, and hop on the coach that takes us to UNESCO World Heritage town of La Laguna. The pastel buildings and stunning interiors of our hotel instantly set the holiday tone: those post-ride chills will be perfect.

After assembling the bikes, some of us head up to the rooftop pool for a swim and others opt for a stroll around the town. Eager to stretch my legs after a day of travelling, I join some of the girls for a walk around La Laguna. Our wanderings lead us to an awesome bike shop called La Cumbre, the first exciting discovery of the trip: you have to check out if you're in the area!

Colourful buildings in san cristobal de la laguna in tenerife on a cycling holiday

For dinner, we head to a local tapas restaurant - La Tasca de Arana - and enjoy delicious local dishes with cerveza, already soaking in the Spanish island's atmosphere.

Day 2: Volcano Thrill

We make the most of the breakfast buffet and then all meet outside the hotel ready for an 8:30am roll out. As soon as we're out of La Laguna the climbing starts, it's no joke that there are no flat roads in Tenerife!

road cyclists in Tenerife

After a couple of steep ramps which defiantly wake the legs up, we enter a pine forest drenched in low-hanging clouds. We continue to climb along the tree-lined road and before we know it we're above the clouds and cycling in blazing sunshine.

Soon the view of Mount Teide hits. We decide to pull over and soak up the scenery whilst eating our sandwiches. There is at least another hour of climbing before the cafe stop so fuelling is a must.

cycling route in Teide National Park in Tenerife

We then cruise past the Teide observatory, nestled amid rugged volcanic terrain. This is where astrophysics in the Canaries began! On our last trip, we drove all the way up at night to see the stars and it was incredible!

cycling route in Teide National Park in Tenerife

We then power through the final 15km to reach the cable car. At the summit, I grab a bagel and my all-time favourite Spanish drink: an iced cold peach juice. We stay there chilling in the sunshine for a bit, reapply our LifeJacket suncream and then get ready for the thrilling descent that looks over the clouds.

cyclists in the crater of the volcano in Teide National Park in Tenerife

We make it back to La Laguna just in time for dinner: a delicious Asian fusion menu including papaya salad, a selection of curries and probably the best bread and butter pudding we've ever had.

Day 2: The Jungle Loop

Today we're heading to Anaga National Park. The ride kicks off with a thrilling 10km descent to the sea, offering panoramic views of industrial landscapes, rugged cliffs, and ocean lines.

As we enter the National Park, we pedal past quirky colourful buildings that pop against the lush greenery. Visibility is limited as we cycle through the clouds, but it creates a moody, almost cinematic-like atmosphere: it's very different from the volcanic landscapes we cycled in the previous day.

road cyclists in Anaga National Park in Tenerife

Soon the clouds get thicker and thicker, so we quickly get a cafe con leche at the top before starting to descend. The weather takes a turn quite quickly though and it starts to rain. We all stick together and decide to simply embrace the experience: it's a rainforest after all!

The hot shower worked a treat after such an adventure, so are the coffee and slice of polenta cake that we gulf at the hotel cafeteria.

We now have a bit of downtime to relax so we go and chat with our friends in La Cumbre: this shop is so pretty, we want to buy everything! The owners are also super nice and we agree on riding together during the week.

What a day we had! The group is still buzzing from the ride and can't get over how epic this island is. I mean, where else can you cycle up a volcano one day and in the jungle the next?!

Day 3: Whale watching & City Strolling

We wake up slightly later this morning as it's our much-needed rest day. A minivan picks us up from outside the hotel and takes us straight to the marina for a whale-watching trip. Within 10 minutes of having left the harbour, both dolphins and whales playfully approach our boat making our day one to be remembered!

whale watching in Los Gigantes in Tenerife

The captain then takes us to a sheltered cove at the bottom of the giant cliffs, where he drops the anchor and lets us jump off the boat for a swim. The water is fresh but it's just such an amazing feeling to be splashing in the sea in February - we could have stayed there all day!

The cliffs of Los Gigantes and Teno national park in Tenerife

Back at the marina, we all enjoy coffee and ice cream before heading back to La Laguna. We spend the rest of the afternoon chilling out on the rooftop terrace, relaxing in the hot tub and exploring the colourful streets of the old town.

Day 4: Teide Coastal Loop

Today's a big day in the saddle, clocking in at 133km of riding and a whopping 3000m of elevation. We start with a sweet 15km downhill before hitting the coast where the climb unfolds. Alberto from La Cumbre joins the crew, and chats to us more about his cycling journey and how he ended up opening the shop. The road's a bit steeper than the other route up to Teide, but it offers a breathtaking view of the ocean, making it a truly spectacular climb.

It's fascinating to see such a variety of landscapes in such a small perimeter, and when we get to the crater of the volcano it's once again breathtaking. These views never get old!

cyclist in Teide National Park in Tenerife

We take a pit stop to refuel at a cafe 15km from the summit, before embarking on the final leg to the cable car to complete the whole descent back to town. This 50km of downhill is an unforgettable experience: it kicks off with a barren, Mars-like landscape offering a panoramic view of the clouds below before transforming into a dense pine forest, with sunlight weaving through the trees, creating a mesmerising play of light and shadow.

cycling route in Teide National Park in Tenerife

At the bottom, we treat ourselves with a Coca Cola in the last rays of sunshine, waiting for the rest of the group to join us before making the short ride back to the hotel. That was probably the best riding day so far!

Day 5: Rain Avoidance Ride

Today we were supposed to show the secret beach to everyone, but the weather forecast had decided differently. What's amazing about this island though is that if it's raining somewhere, you can pretty much always find sunshine somewhere else.

view of San Cristobal de la Laguna in Tenerife

So I plot a new route that will take us to where the sun shines! We tackle the first 20km of the climb to Teide, and as soon as we turn left it becomes all dry and warm. The next 30km descent feels like being in a hair dryer, and within minutes we forget we got quite wet trapped in the giant cloud!

Blue skies and coastal views are now treating us. We stop for coffee and snacks in a colourful village before tackling our last climb of the holiday: a rolling 20km climb along the cliffs. The wind's giving us a run for our money, but once again the breathtaking ocean views and the smooth roads make the experience worth it.

road bikes in San Cristobal de la Laguna in Tenerife

It's now time to pack the bikes and enjoy our last dinner, but we're back in 2025 and bookings are open! Join us for another epic week on this stunning island - we've got some surprises coming for you!

A big thank you to Sundays, LifeJacket and Styrkr for sponsoring this escape and enabling us to offer more accessible trips. Check out our brand page for all exclusive offers and discount codes with these partners.

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