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UC is on a mission to bring cyclists some of the finest, considerately sourced performance cycling apparel.

Over the past two years, we have been very lucky to have had the opportunity to try different cycling clothes from various brands.

It's very important for us that Moloko only partners with brands we truly believe in. We have chosen to work with UC not only because their kit feels & looks amazing, but also because their brand values align with our own.

Moloko Discount Code: UC-MOLOKO-15

cyclist descending a mountain in Nice, France

UC is all about sustainability and durability - they create products that stand the test of time. Work out after work out, wash after wash, the kit does not move.

"We aren’t always looking at sustainability from the perspective of using recycled raw materials. As cyclists, we understand that our kit has a tough life through repetitive use and washing. Ensuring our kit is durable is as important to the wider sustainability issue as the production itself." UC

rack of cycling jerseys and jackets from Universal Colours

We also love that Universal Colours cater for all genders and offer the same colour palette for all. Each new season launch is designed to work with the colours of the previous range making mixing and matching super easy: it's a fantastic way to refresh your outfit without having to change it all every new season.

We have created a gallery to showcase our favourite winter items, which we hope you'll enjoy.

Our essentials for Autumn / Winter:


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