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Escape | Tenerife 2024

Welcome to 5 days of climbing epic roads on the stunning island of Tenerife on 24th Feb - 1st Mar 2024.

cyclist at sunset in Tenerife Anaga National Park

On the menu: climbing a volcano, exploring a jungle, enjoying spectacular coastline views and going whale-watching.

cyclist in Tenerife climbing Mount Teide

This escape is perfect for those who want to experience some mind-blowing rides full of punchy climbs and thrilling descents.

Get your climbing legs ready!

Your Accommodation:

We will be staying in the heart of the historic centre of San Cristobal de La Laguna. The accommodation has a fully equipped gym, a spa, secure bike facilities and a rooftop swimming pool & jacuzzi with panoramic views of the city.

Each bedroom sleeps 2 people with double or twin beds and an ensuite bathroom.

If you would prefer to have your own room, please contact us & we will quote accordingly.

Your Rides & Activities:

The routes will be around 70km to 150km with 800 to 3000m of elevation on every ride. There are no flat roads in Tenerife as the island is a volcano.

No average speed is required, however, we request that you enjoy climbing and that you're comfortable with the longer distances.

You must have completed several 100+km rides before the trip.

cyclist climbing Mount Teide in Tenerife

After the rides, you will have time to enjoy the pool and jacuzzi with great views of the historic city centre of La Laguna.

You can also book yourself a massage in the hotel spa or go for a stroll in the old town: UNESCO World Heritage San Cristobal de la Laguna was the first city established in the Canary Islands and its colonial architecture is well worth your time.

The third day is a recovery day and we have organised a whale-watching trip for you. We will also have some routes ready for you in case you'll want to go for a spin.

Apart from breakfast, food is not included on this trip. Lunch will be at coffee stops on the rides, and dinners will be in local restaurants. La Laguna has a lot of great food options for all budgets, which will make the dining experience easy and authentic.

Ticket Prices:

Moloko Cycling Escape to Tenerife

Moloko cycling escape to Tenerife

Terms: Deposits are non-refundable. We reserve the right to withdraw or refund bookings.



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