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PEARSON: Passion & Heritage.

At Pearson, they believe cycling should be fun and so do we!

Special Offers

Pearson Cycles offers a 5% discount on all bikes and frames for the Moloko community. Just drop us an email and we will refer you.

We found a real love for off-road cycling lately and riding these amazing bikes push us to always look for new local adventures.

Any gravel ride always feels like a mini holiday.
Pearson On and On carbon gravel bike

Why should you consider a Pearson bike?

Firstly, they make unique frames & use generations of expertise to build amazing bikes. Pearson builds custom bikes for their customers ensuring that the bike is the perfect fit and set up the bike for the individual rider. Did you know that Pearson is the world’s oldest bicycle business?

Pearson is also our local bike shop and neighbour, and supporting local businesses is important to us.

Finally, the Pearson team is a bunch of great down to earth people who are always happy to help. Go and check them out next time you're in East Sheen, London :)

Special Offers

5% discount on all Pearson bikes & frames for Moloko referrals.

Paul's Bike: Summon The Blood

"I’ve loved riding the Summon The Blood as the autumn gravel season kicks in. The frame and paintwork are beautifully finished and look great when clean or splattered in mud! The Titanium frame feels very robust when riding which fills you with confidence to handle any terrain. I also like that the classic shape and angles on the tubing mean you could easily swap wheels and ride this as a road bike if you wanted one bike for everything.

Check it out here!

Alex's Bike: On And On

"I’ve been riding the On and On for about a month now and I absolutely love it. It’s a very comfortable frame that enables both easy & more technical gravel. After having tried it on the road I know that it will also be perfect for winter riding when I'll want stability & grip on the wet tarmac."

Check it out here!


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