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FETTLE: faff-free bike repair.

"Cycling shouldn't be full of pitfalls the size of London's potholes" screams the bus size adverts stuck on the walls of the city. This a problem most cyclists can relate to!

Understanding the mechanics of your bike can be a minefield, but thanks to Fettle, it's okay not to know much about it.

Supporting local businesses is important to us, which is just one of the many reasons we are delighted to work with Fettle to maintain our bike fleet.

We've also got a cheeky code for you:

gives you 10% off labour in all London workshops.

When you purchase through our code we do get a commission -

This helps us grow our business and allows us to enable more people to cycle.

Fettle bike workshop in London

Local business Fettle is taking London by storm - this cycle-loving, accessible and friendly business is just what we needed in the capital!

We caught up with CEO & co-founder of Fettle, the wonderful Jeyda, to learn a bit more about Fettle's story.

cyclist along the canal in London

Why did you decide to start Fettle?

"Whilst working on a project at a previous start-up, JustPark, it became obvious how important micro-mobility is for reducing our carbon emissions. Bikes, e-bikes and cargo bikes were clearly becoming a popular mode of travel for their clean energy, relative cheapness and ability to ease congestion. But despite the growing usage of bikes, bike shops were closing and innovations seen in other industries weren’t translating across.

The original plan was to repurpose land used for car parking into bike workshops, focusing entirely on servicing (so no need to carry lots of stock, have a large shop floor and compete with online retailers) and offering a great customer experience with super simple technology.

Since launching, we’ve developed what we’re about in many different ways but the core of why I started it - to provide a convenient, reliable service for the growing number of cyclists, remains the same."

How is Fettle different from other bike mechanics?

"Firstly, we only offer servicing and repairs, so you won’t find us selling new bikes.

Secondly, we have a network of several workshops, backed up by a collection and return service from your doorstep, so we offer unrivalled convenience for customers.

Thirdly, we’re constantly innovating on the technology we use to provide a great experience for both our customers and staff.

Finally, we also work with businesses to offer onsite safety checks & servicing, as well as maintenance classes. We know that a thriving service industry is necessary to support the growth of cycling so we’re always looking for opportunities to get more people on the roads."

Fettle bike workshop in London

What is it like to be a female CEO in a male-dominated industry?

"I’m somewhat used to it, coming from a background of parking and tech! In my day-to-day role working with colleagues, it’s not something I notice. It’s when I’m representing the company externally, networking at conferences and meetings, that I become aware of it.

I’m often met with surprise. I remember one person I met saying ‘So who are you then, just a marketing assistant, or…?’. I thought it was deeply offensive to describe anyone as ‘just’ anything. I’m a human being, not defined by my role at work. I thought there was gender bias built into his assumptions and needless to say, that business card went straight in the bin."

Explain how you're combining old-school expertise with tech-led innovation.

"Bike servicing and repairs is a craft which takes a huge amount of time to hone. Of course, with the right attitude, people can pick it up. But some of my team are honestly magical. There are thousands of different components and building up the knowledge of which ones are cross-compatible as well as the perfect tool and method for the job, is a real skill.

My goal from the outset was to try to minimise the number of additional things mechanics have to manage in a workshop, allow a system to take away some of that load and ultimately give them back more time to be fixing bikes. The majority of the tech we’ve built into the systems we use either makes things more efficient for mechanics or easier for customers."

You currently have London-based workshops - do you plan to expand?

"Yes - we’ll be expanding outside of London this year!" 🥳

Aside from business reasons - why do you cycle?

"In no particular order:

  1. It’s the fastest way to get around London, by far!

  2. It’s the cheapest way to travel around London (annual TfL pass would be ~£1500 vs a couple of bike services a year).

  3. It keeps me fit. I’ve had a couple of injuries over the last few years which means running and walking over long distances aren’t fun anymore. I don’t record most of my riding but I think I do 30 km every day which I use to justify all the pastries I like to eat 😋.

  4. It’s good for my mental health - it helps me to switch off and separate work from home.

  5. It gives me about an hour a day to listen to podcasts or audiobooks 🤓.

  6. And finally, it just gives me freedom. I haven’t driven a car since I passed my test as a teenager so my bike has come to represent independence to me."

gravel cyclist in Epping Forest

Talk to us about the importance of community.

"Cycling in the UK is absolutely community-driven. I’m not sure if that stems from it traditionally being a more niche activity and who knows how that will evolve. But I feel a common spirit in cyclists - some kind of shared values or understanding. Last year, the team at Fettle took to the bridges in London and held huge handmade placards telling a ‘Fairytale of Fettle’: a made up story that was revealed line by line to cyclists riding across the bridge on their way to work.

The smiles and cheers we got from people were incredibly uplifting and demonstrated the community’s pride at choosing to ride to work. I completely understand that. Even if I’m riding alone but pull up to a busy traffic light full of cyclists, I get this feeling that we’re all in this together. It’s inspiring to feel like you’re part of a group or movement that’s bigger than yourself."

group of gravel cyclists in the gran union canal in London

Watch this space for Moloko x Fettle rides dropping this Spring...!


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