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Our story

"We were supposed to be on a beach.

However, I'd convinced Alex to try cycling & now we're climbing a steep mountain in gym kit.


Alex is roasting but she's having too much fun to stop.

With trademark french flare she throws her gilet to me and nails the whole climb in one go!

We've come a long way since that first ride but one thing hasn't changed, we still smile every time we cycle."


Paul Barthorpe

Moloko Co-Founder

We must make cycling easy, affordable & fun.

"Millions more people can benefit from the joy & wellbeing that cycling gives us.

However, we know cycling can be complicated, expensive and scary... we set-up Moloko to remove those barriers (& gilets) and help people unlock all the happiness that cycling can bring.

Welcome aboard!"

Alex Gaudé

Moloko Co-Founder

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